Mental Hospital Research Paper

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Before in the early 1900’s society viewed mental illness as a disease. In 1950’s the use of mental hospital rises rapidly. People could be admitted into mental hospital for mania, depression, homosexuality to truancy. If someone didn’t fit in the society they were believed that there’s something wrong with them. After that they will be shipped to the mental hospital to be ”fixed”. Patients that are in the mental hospital will be tortured until they will forget everything and don’t fell any fain anymore. If they are in hospital they could be treated with harsh and cruel treatments, such as electro shock therapy, lobotomy, etc. People with mental illness were considered as “lunatics”. Lunatic is a term to a person that is considered as mentally ill, dangerous, foolish or unpredictable. After they get to mental hospital patients will be grouped into two…show more content…
Nowadays the major goal for mental hospitals is to cure the patients not to torture the patients. Less people are admitted into mental institution, only 4-5% of the America population are admitted. The difference between mental hospital then and now is that, before the privacy was’t that great and personal space was very limited partly because up to 50 patient could be housed in a single room. Nowadays because the hospitals have less patients that’s why they have more privacy and personal space. Mental hospitals today are safe and effective. Some treatments from 20th centuries are still used today like EST, but some of the treatments they needed to get rid off. Patients may only receive up to 12-14 treatments, compare to 100+ that were used in the 1950’s. Instead of Lobotomy or any torture treatments that were used before, patients are cared for with one-on-one assistants who help them back to a healthy mental or physical state. Mental hospitals had changed over the time, they are not what they used to be and they have definitely taken a turn for the
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