The Importance Of Mental Health

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Mental illness and mental health in general are very important. This is because it has an affect on the person with the illness and also their friends and families. It can impact their lives severely or minorly.

Mental health and illness A mental illness is a health condition that can affect behavior thinking and emotion. It can at times cause a mild or severe disturbance. The result of this can cause a person to be unable to cope with life’s demands and routines. One in every five Americans suffer from a mental health condition. That’s roughly 54 million Americans. Mental health in America’s youth has worsen as well. In 2012, 5.9% was diagnosed with severe depression. The percentage increased by 2.3 within 3 years (MHA). According to
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Some days it can be as insignificant as a broken nail and other days it can be almost as bad as a broken leg. Mental disorders can affect your day to day routine and can make life seem impossible. Different people can be affected in various ways. However, some of the common symptoms are affected behavior, perception, mood, social interactions and thinking ( Another thing about having a mental illness is that you need a routine to help you get through the days. When you have a healthy routine it can help you make better decisions and face challenges easier. Although you can 't plan for everything, having the basics taken care of can help out a lot in the long run. Routines are very important because the brain have so much information to process and they depend on patterns and routines to regulate the process of daily living. Structures routines can also help you feel like life is more manageable. Science also supports the belief that healthy habits and routines are the key to recovery…show more content…
Living with a mental disorder can seem impossible if the patient doesn’t have a good support system. Routines and patterns are also important in the recovery from a mental illness. All in all, those who suffer from a mental disorder should have a good support system to help them through therapy and keep their routine consistent.

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