Mental Illness In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a classic by the awesome author Mary Shelley. The story follows Victor Frankenstein as he makes a Monster. The monster ends up kill people from Victor’s family and even his best friend. All the monster wants is for Victor to make him a wife so he is not so alone in the world full of humans. He is tired of being the only one of his kind and having no one to share his life with. Throughout the book the death of Victor's family has taken a toll on his mental state and he starts showing signs of mental illness. Much like Mary Shelley had mental illness because of the horrors that happened in her life. The illnesses that Victor starts showing signs of depression, paranoid schizophrenia, and anxiety.
Depression is something that
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One is when he at the house right after Justine has been sentenced to death for killing his little brother. He is uneasy and unsettled with the current events and the impending danger of the monster. These are clear signs of anxiety. Frankenstein also shows signs of anxiety from being always worried about where the monster is. The threat of who he could attack next makes him have anxiety. The threat that the monster made of his family when they were in the cave gave him anxiety. The signs are super clear here. He finally drives home the point when he is making the monster. After his creation, Frankenstein was always looking over his shoulder for the monster. This is clear signs of anxiety, he is always nervous and worried about the monster. There is no way he doesn't have…show more content…
For a bunch of reasons, One being that they are different people from different lifestyles. Victor grew up with a bunch of happiness in his life. Mary grew up with sadness. There is no way that they are similar because they have grown up different. Also there is no way they can be similar because Frankenstein is fake and made a monster. All of Frankenstein's sadness started with him and it is his fault. He is the one that made the monster so he is the reason for his sadness. Mary had no power in her sadness like(). There is no way that they are similar because Frankenstein is responsible for his sadness and if he did not make the monster then he would have been happy. Shelley had no choice in how her sadness came up she only had accept it because that is how life
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