Mental Motivation In Rob Reiner's A Few Good Men

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Motivation is the deciding force that guides a person on any journey. Every action or decision you make is consciously or subconsciously influenced by prior thoughts and events. These thoughts and events can create several different types of motivations in different people. In A Few Good Men, the main character has many turning points because of the challenges presented to him throughout the film. In Rob Reiner’s A Few Good Men, the director uses the mental motivation of Daniel Kaffee in order to examine how an individual’s course of action can be directed.

Initially, we see Lt. Daniel Kaffee as a carefree JAG lawyer who primarily resorts to plea bargains. This is evident in the first scene featuring Daniel as he simultaneously plays baseball and barters with Capt. Jack Ross for a plea deal for one of his clients. Danny’s easygoing method of working comes into conflict when he has to report to Lt. Cmdr. Joanne Galloway in an important murder case. Although Daniel has successfully plea bargained forty-four cases during his nine months in service, he has little experience in the courtroom. Considering his inexperience, Kaffee is motivated to try and avoid taking Lance Cpl. Dawson and Pfc. Downey’s case to trial. Without reading any files or even remembering the victim’s name, Kaffee proposes a plea deal to Joanne of twelve years for Involuntary Manslaughter. Steadfastly, Joe is set on finding the truth about what actually happened to William Santiago, whereas Danny just

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