Mental Problems In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the 1930’s having mental problems was seen as being unbright. People back then did not understand what being mentally challenged was they would treat them like any other person which would make it hard on the person who had the challenges.
In the book george stays with Lennie so he doesn't get into trouble. In the book lennie grabs a ladies dress because George wasn't around to stop him. George likes to refer to himself and george as people like us. People like george and Lennie are the people who live off of close to nothing and travel a lot to get new different jobs.
George takes care of lennie, lennie can not think for himself but if someone tells him to do something he will do it the best that he can. Lennie doesn't know his own strength, in the book he is holding a mouse and crushes it in his hand by accident. He didn't mean to crush the mouse he was trying to pet it but doesn't know his own strength.
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In the book Curley's wife is shown as a pretty woman who is used by men. She wanted to go to Hollywood and become famous, but because she married Curley who lived on a farm she had to stay at home and clean up. In the book they don’t give her a name, they leave her unnamed because in the time period that the book was written women were seen as inanimate objects. They were used for cleaning and taking care of children. George talks about how Curley's wife is trying lure men into touching her so she can feel wanted. “I seen ‘em poison before,but i never seen no piece of jailbait worse than her.”(Steinbeck 32). After Lennie first meets Curley’s wife he says
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