Summary: The Importance Of Nutritional Assessment

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According to Tanvir and Nadim (2010) nutritional assessment is important because prevalence of malnutrition is increasing in this population and affects the aging process malnutrition is associated with decline in functional status, impaired muscle function, decreased bone mass, immune dysfunction, anemia, reduced cognitive function, poor wound healing, delayed recovery from surgery higher hospital readmission rates, and mortality. 8.5: Current Research: Nutritional screening and assessment are best performed by a multidisciplinary team. Each member of the medical team, the dietitian, the nurse, the pharmacist, the ancillary personnel, and the physician, participates in the processes and comes to the patient with a unique perspective and…show more content…
Nutritional assessment is a structured way to establish nutritional status and energy-requirements by objective measurements and whereby, completed with objective parameters and in relation to specific disease indications, an adequate (nutritional) treatment can be developed for the patient. All this happens preferably in a multidisciplinary…show more content…
The examination, a study of the client’s biologic life stage and genetic predisposition, laboratory tests, and diagnostic tests such as magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography. The psychological evaluation surveys childhood experiences, personality, and current objective and subjective symptoms of psychiatric illness. This information I will gather by interviewing my client and family, by administering specific psychological tests and rating scales. I will also assess the cognitive functioning of my client by utilizing a standard measure such as the mini – Mental state

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