Psychological Conditioning In Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, predicted a variety of aspects of our new futuristic society. He envisioned a society completely altered from the one he lived in, whether that be from psychological conditioning in humans, sex becoming meaningless, or the overuse of synthetic narcotics. The predictions that Huxley made in Brave New World about our new society’s psychological ways of thinking is accurate. Firstly, the humans in Huxley’s book were completely conditioned by altering their thought process. The very first page of the book includes a quote exclaiming the idea behind Brave New World, “A Squat grey building of only thirty four stories. Over the main entrance, the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE and…show more content…
This prediction, fairly accurately envisions the way our 21st century society is. Obviously, we do not just have sex with everyone that we please with. However, the value of it has decreased significantly since Brave New World was written (1931). There’s plenty of preventative measures to make sure people don’t accidentally have a baby when having sex. Birth control, sexual protection, abortions, etc are widely marketed. Meaning, if people don’t have to worry about accidentally having a baby, then they’re going to have sex more. Further decreasing the value. The Star writes, “Sexual promiscuity is mandated by the state, birth control pills are worn on women’s belts, if pills fail, abortion is available.” (The Star) Sex used to commonly be between only a married couple. Whereas now teenagers do it, adults do it, and age of consent laws are at strikingly low numbers. For examples, over ten states in the
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