Mentality In The Odyssey

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Journeys always have a reasoning behind them, no matter if it is physical, mental or spiritual; they have a lesson learned from it. “The Odyssey” includes many great examples from the journey Odysseus went on. Going on a journey could be inspired by a goal to be reached, a state of mentality, or just to oneself or others. Primarily, characters or real people set off on a journey to feel a sense of accomplishment, or even to earn something. In “The OdysseyOdysseus went on an expedition to fight in the Trojan War, but then it became a journey to return to his wife, son and Ithaca, his homeland. His son also goes on a trip. “Taking Athena’s advice, Telemachus travels to Pylos for word of his father.”(Page 371.) In the epic Odysseus’s son,
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