'Mentally Affected In The Sniper'

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IN the story The Sniper the author O'Flaherty tells the story of a night in Dublin Ireland. The Sniper is mostly about how The Sniper the main character is in a shootout. One problem is that in the shooting he kills his brother who is on the other side while also getting shot himself. Also he is smiling when killing the other sniper aka his brother he was joyous when he saw he had hit the other sniper This shows civil war can seriously affect someone physically and mentally. .O'Flaherty uses plot twist with his brother being the one who got shot by his own brother. Civil war can affect people both physically and mentally. Physically the sniper is getting shot while also shooting who he later finds out is his brother to death. Also the old women and the man on the turret also are both physically hurt due the the bullets killing them both. Mentally the sniper is greatly affected like when he smiled and was happy to be shooting at another man.…show more content…
This shows that the sniper is not mentally sane because he was happy to see the caused death.Also this shows the sniper is a trained professional because after he is hit but still manages to kill his brother. O'flaherty is showing both physical mental state by showing the sniper is happy when he kills the man who shot him. The story does this by using plot twist and building

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