Mentally Ill Or A Murder: A Case Study

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Mentally Ill or A Murder

Timothy Robert Steele, a 35 year ago deranged man from Minnesota, was arrested on October 20, 2015 for beating his 84- year grandmother to death with a hammer. He later told the police he only did so because the voice in his head told him to do so. Steel and his mother moved into the house to look after the old lady, as Agnes Wagner Steele was suffering from dementia and diabetes. Robert never seen to get along with his grandmother as he always complained about whatever she did. He then told the police that his grandma put a hole in one of his jackets but despite everything, he was trying to enjoy an evening meal with Agnes until she had to blow her nose in the dinner table and ruin everything. According to Timothy Robert Steele, the moment his granny blew her nose, he could literally feel the mucus in his own mouth and could almost smell it. Apparently in the moment, the voice inside his head told him that the only way to get rid of Agnes is to kill her. He saw his granny laying in her bed, watching TV and decided that it was time.
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Robert then returned to his grandmother’s bedroom and then he enter; he eventually began to beat Agnes with the hammer as a weapon, striking her seven or eight times, according to the Dakota County District Court collected by the St. Paul Pioneer Press. After committing the crime, the defendant went to the nearby store to buy cigarettes and then returned home quickly because now the voice inside his head told him that he was a “ terrible criminal.” Even though he admitted to the police that he thought about running and riding but then he didn’t have anywhere to
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