Mentally Ill Stereotypes

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Introduction The views over the mentally ill and their relationship to violence are negative to the public eye. The mentally ill are looked down upon the general audience causing the mentally ill to become its own stereotype. Although, the public eye may view the mentally ill as violent researchers have found nothing but the truth. The research actually does show a correlation between the two but has a few reasoning’s behind the numbers of violence seen in the mentally ill. The stereotyping, the drugs, and the experience of exposure. The Study Behind it all Many researchers have done studies to see the difference the mentally ill using violence versus the general population using violence. The studies have shown that individuals with schizophrenia are more likely to have a violent offense than those without an illness. It is also found that very few offenses are due to the illness symptoms. This means there is another force or reason behind the violence. A researched reason behind the violence…show more content…
The stereotype about the mentally ill does not help the violence that gets brought into the world. The mentally ill become violent when brought up in a negative manner. One of the many ways violence has been decreased is the knowledge about the mentally ill in the general population and the understanding and communication that the acceptable ways that a mentally ill should be treated. The acceptance and the understanding lead to a better relationship between the mentally ill and the general population which is able to increase the way that the two interact with each other on a regular basis. The media presents the mentally ill as a highly violent natured person. In the data of people who know a mentally ill person vs how many have actually been harmed or threatened by a mentally ill. Over half of the people asked know someone who suffers from a mental illness but only 9% have actually been harmed or

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