Mentee Learning Style

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Mentees learning style :
Mentioned mentee was already proved unproductive. This mentee was not enthusiastic to learn new things. In this case, mentor motivated the mentee to learn new things, build confidence in the mentee to perform new things and make the mentoring sessions interesting. This also helped to reverse the nervousness of the mentee, which was observed during training sessions of the new services and new techniques. Theoretical knowledge of the mentee was weak and with less technical skills. This was improved by giving more responsibility and monitoring the behaviour of the mentee during performance of these tasks. There was less learning and productivity of the mentee due poor communication among team
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In clinical setting, social science or application of social conduct has great importance. Positive relationship among all the stakeholders in the clinical setting or ward of the hospital provided good learning environment for mentee. Mentor gave freedom to the mentee to explore all the learning opportunities, motivated to the mentee by giving positive feedback for good performance, showed trust on the mentee and gave sense of responsibility. All these increased the interest of mentee for learning and as a result, mentee proved productive. Friendly association of the mentee with other staff members lowered the stress and anxiety of mentee, also sharing each other experience of the case handling and nursing services increased knowledge and skills of the mentee (Stuart,…show more content…
It was started with identifying the behaviour of the student responsible for underperformance. This helped to take specific actions for the particular behaviour, so that its improvement can be assessed in accurate way. Qualities required for the mentoring of the mentee were implemented. Also, different theories of mentoring in the nursing profession were implemented with specific implementation in the particular department. More importance was given to the mentoring in the clinical setting or ward of the hospital. Mentoring in the clinical setting started from arranging induction session, gaining knowledge and skills through different media and practice in the real case study. This helped to build the confidence in the student. While mentoring in the clinical setting along with the knowledge and skills importance was given to the communication among the team
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