Mentor Teacher Roles

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Their role is to support, advise and facilitate teachers as well as providing the correct resources to teachers. The SMT’s role is also to give a real life simulation to teachers of leadership situations. They need to make sure that teachers know and follow all the policies as well as help us with our ethics in the school setting. o Mentor teacher’s role:
The mentor teacher’s role stems down to showing us new techniques as well as us noticing their weaknesses in order to develop our strengths as we will know what not to do as we have seen it first-hand. The mentor teacher will give us ideas on how to recognise and appropriately deal with learner support as well as growing our LTSMs we would need to develop into teachers. The mentor teacher
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The fourth section of the poster lead onto how we would address the challenge we mentioned. The headings and answers were as follows:
What are we going to do?
We decided that we would research the reason for the barrier between teacher-learner relationships and classroom management. In other words, what the teachers think should happen and what actually happens in the classroom by looking at the schools’ classroom management rules. We were also going to research the learners’ opinions as well as teachers’ opinions on the topic through the use of articles.
How are we going to do it?
We made use of questionnaires to complete our research. The teachers received a questionnaire to answer and the rest of the research would be done through articles so that we could have opinions from both sides.
Who is going to do
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This poster was divided up into three columns. Each column was a different online site whereby one can research and find different lesson plans. Two of the three columns were filled in with mandatory sites to be researched and the third was open to our discretion. The two mandatory sites were; the TESSA website and The third site that was decided on by the group was The group was then expected to go onto these websites and judge what was good as well as what could be better. The TESSA website’s advantages were the fact that it was easily accessible and had a very good search feature however the website did not come without some disadvantages. These are the fact that the website doesn’t cater for a lot of different subjects namely Accounting, the website it quite confusing as there isn’t a lot of information on how to use the site, and finally another disadvantage would be that the website’s design is not very appealing to the eye. The website is in actual fact quite a good one as you can narrow your search, share your lesson plans, the website has a good navigation bar and it is available in different countries. The disadvantages to this website would be the fact that only American content is available, the content available is quite

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