Mentoring In The Nursing Profession

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It is evident that one of the most valuable attributes one can have is to be an excellent mentor. Holding the characteristic ability to be a great mentor will allow a person to lead and encourage the growth of another person in many different ways. Mentoring plays a significant factor in the nursing profession because of a few reasons. A successful mentor will communicate high expectations, will be a good listener, has empathy, offers encouragement, and feels generous. (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2014, p. 57) According to Zerwekh & Garneau (2014), someone considered as a mentor should have your best interest at heart and should bolster your self-confidence (p. 59). In all, a mentor is an individual who holds the role of a leader, teacher, coach, motivator,…show more content…
(“Mentoring Nurses Towards Success,” 2013, para 7) Mentoring qualities that I have go further than I could eve¬¬n imagine at times. Being raised under Christian values has allowed for my mentoring qualities to be effective in my everyday life as well as the life of others. Coming from a family of six and being the youngest says a lot about me as an individual. I can honestly say that I am a positive role model in and out of the classroom. Being a role model already sets the bar for substantial mentoring qualities. Role modeling is then followed by the mentoring qualities that I believe I have. As I have grown throughout the years, I have inquired mentoring qualities…show more content…
Having these qualities makes me an approachable human being. My chosen career field will not just be a title and people of the world need to feel that personable relationship when they come in contact with you. If these qualities are not genuine, then one will not allow for me to advocate or bring to their attention network connections that I may have that would assist in any situation that they may have encountered. Taking full responsibility and genuine interest creates a successful outcome. This is the person that I will one day want to be viewed as in the nursing field. Great mentoring qualities from inception to completion in life prove to be effective and especially when the qualities are demonstrated through acts. People today pay more attention to what you do by acts of kindness, love, knowledge, and interest than just verbally speaking. Timing is another great mentoring quality that I have come across and maybe one of the most important in my opinion. Timing builds trust, trust builds commitment, and commitment allows for all of my other attributes to fall into

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