Disadvantages Of Mentoring

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Mentos is a Greek word that was first heard in 1740 – 1750 that meant intent, purpose and passion; it was the name of the adviser of the young Telemachus in The Odyssey. (The Dictionary) The world Mentor is derived from it, and has kept almost the same meaning until now days, which is a wise person that you seek for advise or expertize. Hence, Mentoring is the act of sharing the experience with a mentee, the less experienced person. Mentoring became one of the most important types of training techniques in the Human resource and skill development field. “ Mentoring is a formal or informal process for more experienced workers to share their knowledge about business or industry to achieve the business goals of the organizations and personal goals…show more content…
The benefits are observable, considered immediate (development of skills, networks and satisfaction) and are considered for long-term both for the company and the mentee. This model allows to outline a construction of entrepreneurial mentoring or inter-organizational process. It also highlights some of the key success factors of the studied relationship: the experience, the availability of the mentor, the mentee openness and the reciprocal trust between pairs. The main model’s limitation lies in its strict linearity. Young model and Perrewé (2000) is comprehensive in terms of the analysis of the psychological process in the mentoring relationship. The author focuses mainly on the roles and expectations of the stakeholders, the extent of their satisfaction on their perception of the quality of the relationship, their relational competence and their ability to engage. This model, therefore, is built on the observation of intra-organizational relationship and as such obscures the possibility of an animation of the relationship by an independent third…show more content…
First it encourages employee’s involvement. The community-oriented nature of mentoring creates people and interpersonal connections between people, which expand engagement. Mentoring empowers both vocation improvement and initiative advancement to help representatives create new aptitudes and feel captivated inside the association. These elements all lead to more content workers and a better maintenance rate for a stronger, more powerful association. Secondly it promotes diversity and cultural awareness. Mentoring allows employees to build a relationship of trust and support. It gives representatives a chance to voice their worries, overcome obstacles, and discover arrangements. Therefore, it moves workers to perform to their most elevated
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