Nurse Mentorship In Nursing

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This paper describes the implications of mentorship and it’s impacts in the nursing field. It will discuss how a volunteer can help over come obstacles to help better a program, as well as how this experience has shaped her communication and understanding of a day in the life of a nurse on shift. It will outline the complications and successes of this volunteer, as well as what they have learned from this experience, how it applies to their future career as a nurse, and how it applies to the theme of mentorship throughout the health care field. Mentorship to me is the ability to be a positive, motivational, inspirational and challenging role model for someone, whether you know you may be their role model or not. A mentor is someone who you…show more content…
Many people believe that every nurse should know everything and that once they know it, they should know how to do it, however that is not always the case. “Young and Perrewe name five antecedent factors that have an impact on the mentoring relationship: individual characteristics, relationship factors, environmental factors, career factors, and relationship type.” (Owens, J. K., & Patton, J. G., 2003, p. 2) Being a leader in nursing applies the ability to watch others, provide constructive criticism, encourage others to succeed, motivate others, and challenge them to do better than the day before. We should all be motivating each other to do better, especially in the field of patient care, instead of degrading each other. “Mentorships foster ideas, arouse creativity, and challenge abilities, concepts essential to all branches and levels of nursing.” (Owens, J. K., & Patton, J. G., 2003, p.…show more content…
As per the signage/mixed messages as per the fluid status, after careful consideration and consults from the nurses on the units, the unit managers, and my supervisor for the program, it was decided that “when in doubt, go with the NPO status.” We established that it would be better to not give a patient water that could drink it, as opposed to give a patient water who could not drink it and risk them potential complications. I also consulted with the staff on each unit as to when their busy times were, and re-organized the ice water delivery schedule based on this. I also made the teens aware that the nurses busy-ness can also fluctuate, and that will depend on a variety of situations that will occur throughout that day. As a result, they may have to wait a bit to talk to a nurse. I also mentioned to the students that they should as to talk to the charge nurse, as they oversee the entire floor, as opposed to just asking to talk to a nurse, who may only know who is NPO in their specific pod. I found that this increased the communication ability between the teens and the staff, as well as it made them less timid on the
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