Meo Women Empowerment

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Major findings:
1. In terms of population structure the numbers of females are more than the males.
2. The adverse sex ratio of female population reflects their changes as well as position in Meo society.
3. The girl child receives equal attention and care than the boys in respect to their self development.
4. The Meo women have been suffering from various health care problems. Malnutrition and ill health is quite extensive among them.
5. Women are not economically independent. Their participation in economy (except agriculture) and earnings is very low.
6. Women’s participation in economic activities is rather passive, marginal and invisible one.
7. Women’s access to economic resources is also limited.
8. There exist a well defined division
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A great number of Meo women’s are at the top level of politics which has improve their empowerment and self development.
23. Women’s education is now very popular among the Meo’s. Literacy rate and the higher education are quite rampant.
24. Low literacy level, educational backwardness of the Meo women is not because of strict attitudes of their male counterpart or their intelligence and inability to learn, but due to lack of schools and colleges in Mewat region.
25. The effect of change has positive aspects. New values and new aspirations. Meo’s are sending their girls to school. The change noticed is the awareness of modern education for girls in Meo society.
26. Under the emerging political process, Meo women are gradually becoming aware and participating in political and organizational matters of their village.
27. If we see Meo women in regard to their socio- political and organizational attributes, we may say that they have equal status. And if we see their role in family, socialization of child, retention of culture and tradition we cannot ignore their important social position.
28. Older Meo women are ignorant and less confident, but younger generation of Meo women are quite aware of some rights, privileges and

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