Mepham High School Football Case Study

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Every year individuals from all across the United States makes the decision on whether or not they will try out for an interscholastic athletic team. These individuals hope to be part of something special, whether it’s achieving individual goals or team goals. They also understand they will need to sacrifice time, energy, and their social life in order to achieve these goals. When tryouts begin these individuals hope their skills and abilities will get them recognized by not only the coaches, but the returning players as well. A problem arises though once try outs are over and the team is announced. Those individuals who just made the team now deal with a problem that happens mainly from the high school level all the way to the professional leagues. That problem is the issue of humiliating and victimizing “rookie” athletes through hazing rituals. These individuals go from hearing in try…show more content…
They feel a sense of guilt and shame that holds them back from saying anything and we see this is the Mepham High School Football case.
In the Mepham High School Football case there were three upperclassmen who lead the hazing attacks and were charged as minors on counts of aggravated assault and involuntary sexual intercourse. Also, the whole coaching staff was fired for knowing signs and not taking initiative of the behavior that lead to this case. This all started during training camp when one of the upperclassman called one of the freshman a “pussy”, “faggot”, and “cocksucker.” The freshman’s mom told head coach McElroy, so the coach replied “Okay, I’ll handle it.” From that moment on, the upperclassmen stopped calling the freshman “faggot” and started calling him “tattletale boy.” Another day at practice, the upperclassman approached the freshman while he was drinking from a water fountain. “Who do you think you are?” said the upperclassman, according to the freshman
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