Meraki Vision Case Study

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Chapter 3
Strategic Intent
Meraki Vision
Year1: Meraki is a company which offers a vintage and modern multi-functional bag through direct selling, Facebook, Instagram, bazaars and online shipping at an affordable price for the college students of University of Santo Tomas.
Year 2: Meraki is the top-leading vintage and modern multi-functional bag wherein University of Santo Tomas and Far Eastern University students can buy through Facebook, Instagram, bazaars and website as a distribution channel.
Year 3: Meraki is a prestigious, vintage and modern multi-functional bag for college students which will be distributed in some concept stores all around Metro Manila.
Meraki Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers the most fine-quality bag
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• To start selling in different bazaars like Trendsetter and Manila Sundance.
• To continuously improve products in line with customer’s expectations
• To find the most credible manufacturer, supplier and designer for our company
• To be able to expand our product line such as wallets and pouches for other source of revenue
• To successfully communicate our brand image to college students of University of Santo Tomas.
Year 2:
• To find a website designer and establish our own website as one of our distribution channels.
• To be able to fully expand our product line to different types of bags
• To sell not only in Trendsetter and Manila Sundance but also to other bazaars in Manila.
• To make our product known in San Beda College and Far Eastern University
Year 3:
• To reach or gather more customers from the tertiary market.
• To be able to produce more designs of bag
Meraki Values
• Customer Focus
• Teamwork
• Passionate
• Perseverance
• Care for every
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So, if we didn`t focus to our customer we will not attain our breakeven so the focus must be balance not 100% focus in the customer and not also 100% focus in the products that we will offer. Second is Teamwork, teamwork is very essential especially in partnership and corporation. Since we are 4 members in one group we should a better teamwork because if one of those that is not participated the teamwork and the bond of the members will be weaken and could also results of misunderstanding to each other that will end up of disbanding of the team into sole proprietorship. The third Meraki values is Passionate. Our company or ourselves must be passionate on what we do and what we should do because passionate is like you loving on what you are doing so if you passionate about your business the business will have a chance to enhance and to upgrade to the next level, and if you`re not passionate in whatever you do in your business there might be a problem about your business one problem is you don`t want your business or you don`t interested at your business, so if we build and make a business we must ensure that business will be our passion that will give more focus. The fourth Meraki values is the perseverance, we all know that perseverance is a very essential in every

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