Mercantilism And The American Revolution

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All things considered, there are innumerable amounts of reasons that combined to create the American Revolution such as taxation without representation, mercantilism, British self-government, and so much more. Overall, the underlying reason for the revolt was the poor treatment of colonists in the Americas. Self-government was the idea that, typically within a colony, there would be elected rulers that are free to make a majority of decisions without having the need to refer to the official imperial power of the colony. It was established in the Britain, saying that British Parliament, rather than the king, had the absolute authority in government. In the 1730s, the Parliament started passing taxes, regulating the British colonies in the Americas. When Britain introduced the Sugar Act and Navigation Acts to force colonists from purchasing foreign products, the plan backfired by infuriating the colonies and promoting dissatisfaction with…show more content…
Mercantilism is the economic theory that trade generates wealth and is stimulated by the gathering of profitable balances. Mercantilism, while it controlled production and trade, led to varying trade restrictions which hindered the advancement and freedom of colonial businesses. Because of mercantilisms ideals, the British government demanded that trade be regulated using gold and silver bullion. The colonies typically did not have much of a supply of bullion, so they began printing paper currency instead. Due to poor managing of their printed currency, there were often periods of inflation in the colonies. Furthermore, Great Britain was nearly always in a state of war which causes tension and increase overall stress levels. Due to the constant state of war, even more taxation was necessary to expand and prepare the combat force. This combination of unfair taxes and avoidable inflation caused great overall colonial
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