Mercedes Benz Production System

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Table Of Content Sr. Content Page No. 1 Company Information 2 Abstract 3 Mercedes-Benz Production system (MPS) 4 The structure & content of the production system 4a Work structures 4b Standardization 4c Stable quality improvement process. 4d Just-in-time delivery 4e Waste elimination 5 Conclusion 6 References Company Information: Mercedes-Benz Company is a multinational division of Daimler AG; Benz brand is used for luxury cars, buses, trucks. Benz headquartered situated in Stuttgart, Germany. (2) Karl Benz's who is the founder of Benz works mostly on the 2-stroke engine which is driven on gas and to realize his vision of a ‘automobiles with no horses’, In October 1882 Benz founds the 'Gasmotorenfabrik Mannheim'…show more content…
Head subsystems of Chrysler Operating System are further classified into operating principles. The operating principles differentiate between various aspects of themes and subsystems which defined the main thought in production. The third level is the tools which describe the main objective methods, the optimistic practice routines in workstation throughout the Mercedes-Benz car plants. Thus, the Benz Production system has 5 subsystems which classified into 15 operating principles and represented by 92 tools. (5) Responsibilities and work role are defined mutually, by involving workforce directly into the framework of the picture.The key success of entire organization solely depends on the value-added network also in bottlenecking operations it is easy to handle and monitor operations as transparency is clarified at each end.(5) 1) Work structures & Group work in the organization (Team organization and Responsibility for quality) a)…show more content…
(4)(5) 4) Just-in-time (JIT) delivery & minimisation of buffer stock: Inventory management can take into consideration and worked in various process at workstations by Just in time skills i.e. when inventory is needed at production orders are placed to customer sales as it needed instead ordering prior and unnecessary putting a heavy load on stock areas, thus it will cut down extra cost. Production planning schedule, material flow planning, order cards, quick setups, die changes, kitting, one-piece flow, FIFO, single stage stock strategy, fixed takt time, cycle time bar chart are few examples of techniques in MPS implemented over years. (4)(5) 5) Waste Elimination: Wastage of material, men hours are cut down by PDCA (plan, do check, act), & waste techniques, 5 whys, process map, staff CIP workshop, Expert CIP workshop, engineering change control, simultaneous engineering, practice sharing benchmark. (4)(5)

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