Mercedes Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
Marketing Situation
Mercedes Benz is a company of cars, coachs, trucks and tractors founded in 1926 by two inventors and mechanical engineers «Karl Benz » and «Gottlieb Daimler » after a fusion by the automobile companies «Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft» and «Benz & Cie », and is now famous with the robustness of it engines, luxurious materials, and comfortable and easy drive.
It become a famous competitor in luxury cars market and one of the most important supplier of cars in the world by completing 1562472 sales in 2013 (including « Smart » brand) behind Audi with 1575500 sales and BMW in the first place with 1963798 sales in the same year (This brand sells 500000 BMW 3 series cars.
Therefore, the car market is full of competitiveness
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BMW arrived in the second position with 424 sales, and Audi in the 7th place with 204 cars sales in the same month.
Mercedes C-Class is the 4th best selling car, and the leader of its category beating 3 Series BMW which is in the 8th position, Infinity Q50 in the 80th position, Lexus IS in the 82th position and Audi A4 in the 106th position.
To reach more and more customers, Mercedes should focus on customers demande and services, and look for younger customers because Mercedes was and still a brand of rich people.
SWOT Analysis
The power of Mercedes-Benz lies on its design, comfort, safety, robustness, brand-new accessories and the image of the brand. but still have some weaknesses such as its speed-box, consumption and the non accessibility to younger customers. That is why we should focus on new markets, and decreasing the prices to beat the competitors by relocating or proposing some promotions.
- Design : Mercedes-Benz C Class is know about its sporty elegant and stylish design inspired from the Mercedes S Class.
- comfort : The C Class seats are comfortables and equipped with massaging
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and still slow comparing to the double-clutch robotic boxes.
- 250 BlueTEC Consumption : the consumption is slightly higher than the competitors 6.0 l/100 km (158 g CO2/km) but still reasonable.
- Old-fashioned for young customers : The brand have the reputation to be destined to older customers because of focusing on luxury than speed.
- accessories price : here is a maintenance problem, the Mercedes-Benz accessories are imported from Germany, so the price is high and not always affordable.
- Seeking for new markets : There are new markets to explore in Hong Kong such as becoming a supplier for the government, sport teams, taxis etc …
- To rejuvenate the brand : To attract younger customers with new devices, accessories and designs.
- Relocation in Asia : Building new factories in Asia may reduce the cost of production and propose lower prices for customers to stand against the competitors.
- Increased competition : In Hong Kong, customers use to buy asian brands such as Toyota or Lexus. The aim is to change the mind of customers and attract them to try european

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