Mercedes Marketing Strategy

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By doing my research on the topic marketing strategies of Mercedes I have understood the various things and facts about Mercedes and its marketing strategies. I came to know that Mercedes was originally founded by Karl Benz in the year 1886 when he invented the first petrol powered car motorwagen. But the Mercedes was first marketed in the year 1901 by the Daimler. In the first motors auto race the Mercedes motor vehicle has won the race which increases its value in the market. During the period Mercedes has change its several logos now the present logo of Mercedes is three pointed star which represents the presence of company all over the world. From my extensive study i came to know that Mercedes started its operation in India in the year…show more content…
From my further study on the market of Mercedes I came to know that Mercedes is a luxury Automobile Company that has one of the leading marketing programs of any automobile manufacturer. Mercedes has used many marketing strategies to deploy key characteristics into the minds of the public. They use the following tag line that adheres to the Mercedes company mission and goal, "THE BEST OR NOTHING". Mercedes wants their consumers to know that they are always being proactive with regard to safety standards and product quality. They lead the industry in the many new safety standards they have employed before any other manufacturer and boast of this by using it in many of their advertisements. They brag of the many years they are ahead of all Federal safety standards and regulations proving their seriousness to the cause. J.D. Power and Associates ranked Mercedes as the 'Best Overall Car Line' seventeen times out of twenty four consumer reports since…show more content…
It is clear that Mercedes is a multinational automobile manufacturer with a strong global presence although their target. Mercedes Benz targets the upper middle and high income market. However, it implements similar strategies to motivate their human resource as its competitors do and these include non-monetary and monetary forms of motivation. In terms of marketing, it uses print, electronic and Internet media for advertising. It also relies on their brand names for attracting customers and maintaining customer loyalty. Mercedes is known by the market for producing safe cars which have the latest technology. Mercedes is also famous for manufacturing environmentally friendly cars. The motivation, product differentiation and the comparative advantage theories have explained the strategies and reasons for success for Mercedes. It is important for the automakers to embrace new market trends in order to ensure that it enjoy profitability in the long run. This will ensure that the needs of all market segments are addressed by the

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