Mercedes Ritchie Lackey Short Story

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Mercedes Ritchie lackey is an American writer who writes fantasy novels. She was born in Chicago in the year 1950.Mercedes graduated from the Purdue university in 1972. While at Purdue, she took a class of English Literature Independent Studies Lackey afterward encountered fan fiction, which further motivated her to write. She began publishing work in science fiction fanzines and then eventually discovered filk and had some filk lyrics which were published by Off Centaur Publications. Her books are interlinked and set in the world of velgarth mostly in and around the country of valdemar. her novels have a complex tapestry of interaction between human and non human protagonists with
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It was first released in 1987 and it was her first published work. It introduces the Heralds and Companions, a number of recurring characters, and a number of "legends
It is a coming of age story narrating the Choosing and teaching of Queen's Own Herald Talia. The story can be divided into four sections
The first section talks about Choosing of Talia by the Companion Rolan, and then a journey to Haven which is the capital of Valdemar. Talia comes from the southern border of Valdemar. She lives with a kinfolk of Holderkin who are socially and religiously strict group .The Holderkins believe in female submission and polygamous marriage. Talia rejects an offer of marriage, declaring her yearning to be a Herald. She goes hiding from her family when she meets a horse-like being a Companion. The horse -like being is called Rolan. He Chooses her and takes her away from the Holderkin clan. Rolan temporary blocks Talia memory because she does not know anything about the Hearlds until he can get her to people who can explain everthing to her. They travel to Haven and upon reaching Haven Talia is introduced to Princess Elspeth and Queen Selenay . Talia is pleased to find that she will be permitted to stay and become a Herald. She tours the Collegium, meets the rest of the trainees, and starts to attend lessons at the
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