Mercer On Mission Program Case Study

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My Mercer on Mission Program would be to reduce the number of accidents caused by landmines buried all over the world with the use of robotic bomb defusal devices. I would coordinate my mission with the current Mercer on Mission program of supplying Prostheses for Amputees in Vietnam. By adding the use of Robotics to the current program, Vietnam could minimize the chances of future injuries or casualties while continuing to aid victims of landmines.
Mercer students would be tasked with creating a robotic device that could locate, mark and possibly defuse landmines. I believe this device would be similar to a remote control tank with treads to cover rugged terrain, metal detectors to identify the landmines, cameras to relay images to the controller, Robotic arms to difuse the landmine, and possibly dynamite to detonate these land mines with a controlled explosion. These robotic bomb squads would combine many fields of engineering such as mechanical, electrical and computer programming to work together to create one device. This would allow students of different aspects of engineering to work together to solve the real life danger of landmines.
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These devices were used extensively throughout wartime because their high level of effectiveness at a low cost. Today these landmines are activated by unsuspecting innocent civilians causing injury and even death. As tons of these land mines were buried and forgotten, they remain a huge risk to everyone, including children. These unfortunate accidents could be prevented through the use of robotic bomb defusal with the Mercer on Mission program. A robot can detect these hidden dangers without the risk of injury or death. If a landmine is detonated by a robot, only a machine is

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