Merchant Of Venice Friendship Analysis

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The Merchant of Venice Theme of friendship In The Merchant of Venice, the theme of friendship appears between Antonio and Bassanio. In Act 1 Scene 1, although Antonio had already given Bassanio the most “in money and in love”, he is still willing to help him in any way that he can, such as through giving Bassanio “my [his] money, myself [himself], or anything I [he] can give to help you [him].” This shows that the friendship between Antonio and Bassanio is strong as Antonio truly cares for Bassanio when he is in dire need of help. Antonio is exceptionally giving and is willing to do anything for Bassanio because of their strong bond of friendship. Antonio is ungrudging in giving to Bassanio, his best friend, even when his wealth is at risk. In Act 2 Scene 8, Antonio told Bassanio not to “hurry back”, to “stay as long as you need [he needed]”, to not “think about my [his] bond with Shylock”, and to “be happy, and think only about ways of winning Portia and showing your [his] love.” Before parting ways, Antonio “was in tears” and he “put his hand out and took Bassanio’s hand in a show of real friendship and love.” This shows that Antonio truly treasures the friendship he…show more content…
Gratiano is an attentive friend who notices when Antonio is unwell or unhappy and is a kind friend who gives Antonio good advice in hope of cheering him up. He also uses a humorous method to advise Antonio and attempts to make him happy again. This shows that Gratiano does not want to see Antonio unhappy and this is because he truly loves him as a friend. He holds dear his friendship with Antonio. Therefore, the theme of friendship can be seen between Antonio and

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