Mercury Energy Dilemma

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Ethical dilemmas happen day to day inside of corporations and their workforce endorsing the company and its employees to react quickly. In some cases the choice an employee makes can influence more than company. A perfect case of a workplace dilemma involving ethical employees would be the situation concerning Folole Muliaga and Mercury Energy association. Along these lines, after some reflection on the outcomes and result of Mercury Energy case, the circumstance encompassing this case show some astonishing results in the result and results. The greater inquiry in the wake of exploring the instance of Folole Muliaga, was did Mercury Energy accomplished something unlawful or not? Amid the examination of Mercury Energy, every side made some…show more content…
Folole Muliaga was observed to be critically ill with obesity-related heart and lung infection. She was limited to a home oxygen machine after specialists confirmed that Mrs. Muliaga required help breathing in the wake of affliction from terminal cardiomyopathy. Folole Muliaga was in the hospital from March of 2002 until May of 2002 for her condition. Amid her stay in the hospital, Mrs. Muliaga 's electricity bill continuing to surge. While Mrs. Muliaga was in the hospital, her spouse endeavored to make provisions to installments towards the past due electric bill. On the other hand, because of the "Security Act," he was not allowed to take the necessary actions in light of the fact that his name was not on the record (Eweje, G., and Wu, M. 2010). In this way, since her spouse couldn 't make the courses of action he had arranged, he paid a small amount on the overdue…show more content…
Ethical dilemmas are made in diverse shapes and structures. Inside of the Mercury Energy and Folole Muliaga case, the ethical decision making from the Mercury Energy spokesperson instigated unwelcomed consequences for the company and for the Muliaga family. Surveying the outcomes encompassing the contractor turning off Mrs. Muliaga power was quite thought provoking, giving her condition. Yet, it 's common for an individual to discover him or herself conferring an unexpected untrustworthy act. For instance, the contractor for Mercury Energy was enacting the policy and procedures set forth by his company. His decision was made behind his moral reasoing. Kohlberg investigation characterized six stages of moral decision making taking ethical action (Pettegrew, Stephens, and Vance, 2012). Every stage clarifies the sentiments of an individual before choosing an ethical action or activity to make the best
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