Mercury In Fish Research Paper

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Mercury in Fish

Mercury, Despite the fact that it is highly toxic, it has been used in widely around the world in situations such as extracting gold and in products such as thermometers. Although the world is working hard to cut down mercury, it remains as a major problem. (Royal Society of Chemistry N.D.)

Mercury is an artificial chemical element, a metal created by human beings. It was originally introduced by Spain and was then widely used around the world to extract gold. In modern days, China and Kyrgyzstan produce the most amount of mercury in the world through serving as catalysts in chemical industries and being used in electrical switches and rectifiers. The chemical is acquired by condensing the vapour of a cinnabar by heating it
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The government is taking action by limiting the level of mercury emission, and authorizing certain agencies to restrict the amount of mercury emission. Mercury in fish is actually decreasing and the amount of mercury emission is decreasing as well, but mercury poisoning still remains a problem. The reason to this is because although emission and mercury in fish can be cut down, mercury spills are not being cut down. The New York State Department of Health explains how spills can happen anywhere including households. It was revealed that the factor that contributes most to mercury spills were human errors, which is not something that can be…show more content…
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