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Known as the smallest planet in our solar system and the closest to the Sun , Mercury can be expressed as one of the most unique planets in our solar system. The Universe is estimated to be about 12 light years in distance and continues expanding, with this we have only had men on the moon and robots go to a couple of planets known to humankind. Were pretty puny in comparison to our universe as a whole. But today, I’ll be telling you about one of our familiarly known planets in our solar system, Mercury.
Starting off, why was Mercury named Mercury? The Romans only knew of several objects in the sky at this time, the Sun, the Moon, and the five brightest planets. Mercury was named after the Roman messenger god, as it traveled the fastest in the sky. As said from a page created by Wikipedia on the planet Mercury.
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Knowing this, humans living on Mercury is highly unlikely, as there is no atmosphere, meaning no possible air for a human to breath or keep safe, as meteors will collide easily with Mercury. Mercury is also very close to the Sun, making it horridly hot and unbearable for a human, even though Mercury has no atmosphere to keep the planet warm, large waves of heat and radiation hit the planet and cause harm to the human body. Mercury also has no known water or ice, nor does it have any form of a food source to a human. On the bright side (literally) , no atmosphere means no bad weather.
Nobody is known to be credited for the discovery of Mercury, though Timocharis made the first recorded observation of Mercury in 265 BC and does not have an actual discovery date. Mercury also has many notable features that most likely caught Galileo's eye, like it’s similarity to our Earthen moon. Mercury has a variety of craters, ridges and ranged terrain. Mercury can be said as one of the most interesting planets in our solar

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