Is Mercutio Responsible For Tybalt's Death?

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Do you think that Tybalt’s death was caused by Mercutio? Mercutio could be responsible for Tybalt's death, because Mercutio always instigated Tybalt's anger, he insisted that they should talk, but Mercutio has an ulterior motive to start a fight with Tybalt, the final reason Mercutio is responsible for Tybalt’s death is because Mercutio seals Tybalt’s faith. The first reason Mercutio is responsible for Tybalt’s death, because he instigates Tybalt and gets him angry. When Mercutio says , “And but one word with one of us? Couple it with something. Make it a word and a blow” (act 3 scene 1 line 16-17). Mercutio said that he and Tybalt could talk, but Mercutio wanted to fight Tybalt so Mercutio said that and that makes the Tybalt wanna fight back. Mercutio also said “O calm dishonourable, vile submission! Alla stoccata carries it away. (draws sword) Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk? (act 3, scene 1, line 44-66).…show more content…
Once Tybalt punctures Mercutio with his sword right under Romeo’s arm Mercutio expires and is no longer alive. Romeo is soon angered by the death of Mercutio because he does not want Mercutio to die alone, so he speaks this “Now, Tybalt takes the “villain” back again that late thou gavest me, for Mercutio’s soul but is a little way above our heads, staying for thine to keep him company. Either thou or I, or both, must go with him” (act 3, scene 1, lines 87-91). Romeo is saying the Tybalt should not be alive because he is the one the stabbed Mercutio during the fight so he should get it done back to him because you can’t do anything to others that you don’t want done to you. Romeo thinks Mercutio should not go to heaven, that Romeo should fight until one or the other is dead because it is not fair that he has to go by himself. If Tybalt would have denied the fight with Mercutio then they both would be fine
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