Mercutio's Changes In The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

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Everyone who read “The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet” Knows how Mercutio dies in the play. Though what if the rules are changed, and Mercutio kills Tybalt instead? Would this major detail have a massive effect on the story line?
After speaking the words of victory, Mercutio quickly realizes what a huge mistake he has made. He thinks about his friends, family, the prince. He thinks about what his dear friend Romeo now thinks of him. He thinks about all that he didn’t do in this life. His friends soon catch up and realize that a consequence is awaiting Mercutio. In the crowd the best friends’ gazes meet. A spark of fear and sadness in both. As the prince galoped on his white horse, the gang spread out. the only ones left were the prince, mercutio, and Romeo. The
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your punishment shall be reduced. Dear Mercutio, cousin, from today on you are exiled from Verona!” he cried out. “Oh cousin, you need not to do this…” “Begone!” The next day Mercutio met Romeo to say goodbye. before heading out to adventure around the world. “Wait, Mercutio, don’t go yet…” Romeo cried out “I whisper words of wisdom” Mercutio murmured “let it be”
“No mercutio, i want to come with you my friend!” “have you gone absolutely mad? do you really want to abandon your life and future?”
“Peace mercutio, peace” Romeo exulted “i am taking my life with me, and my future will live anew!”
That night Mercutio slept in a barn where no one would see him. two hours after midnight Romeo sneaked into the Capulet residence to notify Juliet of his brilliant plan.
“Juliet!” Romeo whispered loudly “Juliet come out!”
“Is that who i hear?” came a voice from her room “Is that who i love most in my life?
“‘Tis me dear juliet, i have come to tell you my commendable
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