Mercutio's Death In Romeo And Juliet

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Mercutio fights with Tybalt, which led to Tybalt stabbing him through Romeo’s arm in Act 3 Scene. Mercutio is responsible for his own death in the sense that he decided to provoke Tybalt. He would make fun of Tybalt through various jokes, which angered Tybalt. Mercutio even said, “Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk?” (3.1.68). He directly asked Tybalt if he wanted to fight and even took out his own sword. They were in a public environment with many people around them and Tybalt would not want to look weak by not agreeing to fight, as well as the fact that he is angered by the comments made by Mercutio. Thus, leading them to fight and in return would lead to their deaths. Romeo intercepted quickly right as they began to fight because he…show more content…
Also, the prince is related to Mercutio since he is his kinsmen, so there is a guaranteed punishment because of their relationship. If Romeo would have waited until the prince come, then that could of prevented his exile. Additionally, Romeo is partially responsible for Mercutio’s death, so he had no right to avenge Mercutio’s death when he is the one who caused it. The only reason why Mercutio and Tybalt began to talk in the first place is because of Tybalt wanting to know where Romeo is. Also, if Romeo never got in between two people fighting with swords then Mercutio would of never been stabbed. Tybalt was most likely aiming to stab Romeo when he got in between the fight since he wanted revenge. But, he accidently stabbed Mercutio instead. In the movie portrayal done by Zeffirelli, Tybalt looked like he could not believe that he actually stabbed Mercutio and almost looked like he felt guilty for what has happened since he did not intend to stab Mercutio at all. Mercutio himself even asked “Why the dev’l came you between us?/I was hurt under your arm” (3.1.93-94). He questioned why Romeo came in the way because it ultimately caused him to be
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