Mercy Hospital Short Story

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I never thought how someone becomes passionate about something. Now, I know. First, let me tell you I came upon in this fascination when I could not repress my most inner feelings with a stranger. It was in August the last summer, one of the hottest months I ever remember in my life when I; a high school student who had come from Spain recently, after a period of hesitancy, determined to go to Mercy Hospital. It would be my beginning as a volunteer at the Emergency Department. The day was not only such an inflection point in my existence, but also a realization moment due to the singularities of my last patient. To start, early I had to wake up that day. My parents asked me to do it the night before. My father, Antonio, would have to drop off…show more content…
Driving through an endless avenue covered by huge trees, sunlight flickered as we passed by. We had the windows rolled down, I could feel a gentle breeze that eased the blistering heat. With a cloudless sky that morning, we entered the hospital’s property. By Biscayne Bay’s shores, Mercy Hospital lied, with an enchanted aura that made it up as a delightful place.There were 3 building blocks at the end of the main street, Mercy Way. Verdant grass covered the soil all over the campus, I could inhale fresh air everywhere. Amazingly coordinated birds were singing, giving the place a sense of a mystic park rather than a health center. Lastly, he pulled over by a unique crystal-made building. Giving me a huge hug, he wished me luck. I opened the car’s door, thanked him for driving me to this amazing place, and hopped off. At the building’s surroundings were full of vehicles. They apparently belonged to employees. I looked up and saw such a prodigious cross that emerged from the roof. Just bellow the cross I recognized the same logo printed on my polo. I had to across the street to get to the main entrance. By the automatic doors, a valet parking gathered people’s keys.Then, I went up to the front desk where a security guard glared rudely. His countenance was challenging and
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