Mercy Killing In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Day after day you take care of your daughter, trying to alleviate her pain, her suffering. You hope and pray that she will get better, that her health will improve. But day after day you see the same results - a pleading in her eyes to put her out of her misery, a cry for help to end her anguish. Mercy killing, or euthanasia, is the act of putting a person or animal to death painlessly or allowing them to die on their own terms. Mercy Killing is a moral and just way to show compassion for a loved one in need. TS In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, one of the main characters, George, faces a difficult situation when his best friend, Lennie, murders the wife of another character, Curley. S George must make a significant decision to either let Lennie continue to live and allow him to suffer through Curley’s vengeance, or to prematurely end Lennie’s life, and thus save him from endless torture at the hand of an enemy. George feels responsible for Lennie because of his promise to Aunt Clara to take care of him. Shooting Lennie was George’s way of protecting him. After their problems in Weed, George hopes that Lennie has learned his lesson and will stay out of trouble, but then he murders Curley’s wife. George knows that Curley will desire nothing more than to exact revenge on Lennie. E In his conversation with Candy he insists, “I ain’t gonna let them hurt Lennie” (Steinbeck 95). A Curley is bitter and vengeful Dent 1 because Lennie had crushed his hand and made
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