Mercy Neurosurgery: What Catholic Social Justice Means

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In my personal experience, I was taught several meanings of what Catholic Social Justice means. First, is that it is a distribution of wealth, opportunities, privileges, and kindness to the whole world. We are all equal nomader what race, skin color, wealth, gender or anything that makes us different. Respect is a huge part to social justice, we all deserve respect which includes all forms of life. In my research i 've chosen life and dignity of a human person. {1} An example could be a soldier at war protecting our country or a volunteer who works at a animal rescue league. There are so many people in the world that have demonstrated the catholic social justice teachings, and everyday our world is getting that much better because of them.…show more content…
Her job is to find out what the problem is and assist them through the treatment process. While doing this she treats them with care and kindness, even if they are not appreciative. She asks them questions about themselves to have a personal connection with her patients. She is not the only one who is required to perform these traits, her whole agency {Mercy} has to. Mercy does everything possible to save, help, and care for every patient 's lives. They also reach out to a client 's needs by helping their family. They personally reach out to them to comfort them when their family member is in the hospital. Mercy Neurosurgery clinic is a true definition of life and dignity of a human person. Life and dignity of a human person is all about protecting God 's most precious gift, life. This clinic that Emily works at does everything possible to protect, save, and heal those who are suffering. Emily, along with many others chose this for their own reason. {3} Not only does the agency show life and dignity of a human person but it also shows what kind of people works there. They are true leaders that probably get little to no credit at all. I 'm so blessed to know that there are people as caring as Emily in
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