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Merdeka Square (or Dataran Merdeka in Bahasa Malaysia) is located in Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia. Location: Latitude (3.148 degrees),Longitude (101.6937 degrees).It is the favourite spot for tourists from foreign countries.
It is located exactly opposite the Sultan Abdul Samad Building where the structure got the name from Sultan Abdul Samad, the reigning Sultan when the constructions works for the building began. . The building has a shiny copper dome and a clock tower which is 40 meters high.
It was constructed in 1897 and designed by a British architect, A.C. Norman, who worked for the Public Works Department at that time. He took into consideration some of the features of buildings in several Islamic countries .It was to be the largest building of its day, constructed entirely of brick and what appears to be cream stone is actually plaster covered brick. Currently, it is also the
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CONCLUSION In conclusion , Malaysia’s attraction place can be divided into two types which is man-made and natural attraction. Dataran Merdeka grouped into man-made attraction .This is because it is the product of history with culture Historic buildings such as National History Museum ,National Textile Museum ,Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, Anglican Cathedral of St. Mary, Victoria Fountain Selangor Royal Club and etc. It was build and created for various purposes such as sports, carrivals and concert. Besides, it is one of the method to record our country’s history. Malaysia has various type of places for the tourist not only interesting and adventures places to travel but also historic places such as Dataran Merdeka. There are many important of Dataran Merdeka in Malaysia. There have a lot of important event happened in Dataran Merdeka before. It is a destination of national importance, as it is one of Malaysia’s prime symbols of independence. The Square was the focal point of colonial Kuala Lumpur This places acts ask the core of

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