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I know many people in my life but the person who inspires me the most is Meredith Foster. Meredith Foster is better known as Stilababe09 on youtube. On youtube she posts diys, beauty, and everyday life. I alway enjoy watching her videos because they stand for they are so fun and relatable. Most importantly I love listening to the intro of her videos because they mean they most. She always tells her viewers that it is okay to be yourself and you shouldn’t listen to what others say about you. Meredith says to always smile because it is what describes you the most. The quote she lives by is, “A smile is the best cosmetic.” Meredith Foster inspires me the most because of her appreciation towards her viewers and how she always reminds everyone to feel good about themselves. Meredith foster is such a caring person on the internet who encourages her viewers to give back to the world. Recently for the Special Olympic games, Meredith designed a T-Shirt and sold it on the internet to donate to the Special Olympics. All of the money raised was given to the Olympic games. Meredith shows affection towards her viewers and even…show more content…
She usually posts every week with a video that shows her personality. Even though I am a very active person and join every sport at my current school, St. Philip, I can’t help but lay on my bed to watch her videos. She inspires me to feel confident to be who I am. “Every person is different and every person should live there own life without being told what to do,” is one of her quotes that I live by everyday. I am usually described as an outgoing and crazy person because I am very social. Meredith is a funny teenager who isn’t afraid to do anything. One of her videos was about her morning routine and obviously you would expect a teenager to wear makeup. However, Meredith doesn’t wear makeup to show everyone that they don’t need makeup to feel

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