Meredith Grey Character Analysis

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Collegiate Fellowship/Capital Scholars A character I see myself most identifying with would be Meredith Grey from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Throughout the show she goes through many trials and tribulations – death, depression, love life, etc. – however, she continues on with her life determined and fearlessly, desiring to achiever greatness within her professional career, as shall I.
Meredith’s mother, Ellis Grey, was a prominent surgeon in her lifetime. In the television series, she treats and identifies the first G.R.I.D [(Gay-related immune deficiency) now known as AIDS] patient. Progressing from the groundbreaking research, she transgresses and creates a laparoscopic technique that treats gallbladders, thus resulting in The Grey Method known internationally within the series. Due to the fact that her mother is a celebrated general surgeon, Meredith is overcome with immense pressure from her mother to become a surgeon. Not only
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She spends her days at the Roseridge Home for Extended Care until the end of her days. Meredith is responsible for anything that is in her mother’s name, and she does not inform anyone of her mother’s illness, until Ellis was hospitalized at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital (known now as Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital). The correlation between Meredith and I for being a caretaker of a loved one is surreal. My younger brother, the “baby” of the family, was recently diagnosed with paranoia schizophrenia. He too, like Ellis, was hospitalized; however, his stay as much longer than Ellis. As Meredith did not notify anyone about Ellis’s mental illness, not even her closest friend Cristina Yang, neither did I. Both Meredith and I suffered by not being able to share our misfortunes with someone else, to get the weight off of our shoulders, yet we both gradually did and begun to open up about our situations to those closest to
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