Meredith Grey's Anatomy Character Analysis

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Meredith Grey from “Grey’s Anatomy” is a positive role model for young adults due to her self-determination, courage, and perseverance. Many individuals believe characters from T.V. shows have a powerful influence on young adults, due to the fact they can relate to them. In Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith Grey goes through many resilient situations, some of which we experience ourselves. Therefore, going through those situations, Meredith Grey always showed, self-determination, courage, and perseverance. In the beginning of the show, Meredith just completed medical school and is starting her journey to become a doctor. Like many young adults, they are also finishing school and starting their career path. Young adults can relate to Meredith since they are starting a job in their field of study, and are looking to succeed and excel.…show more content…
Meredith's husband is involved in a fatal car crash, copious number of individuals have experienced this as well. Losing someone you love or care about can be the ultimate detrimental experience you have in your lifetime. In this show, Meredith doesn’t give up, it shows her dealing with Derek's death. She doesn’t abandon her children, but in fact sets a positive role model for her children. Young adults can learn from this experience, by reminding them they are not alone through this experience. Even though this situation, they have people looking up to them. Self-determination, courage, and perseverance, are all strong character traits to possess. With the main character of Grey’s Anatomy, demonstrating these traits, it goes to show what kind of role model she is. She is a role model for young adults due to the fact that numerous of people find themselves in comparable situations. It gives them someone to look up to and strive to be. Life can throw frequent curve balls, but learning to obtain those three traits can help young adults through their

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