Merigan Sanders Case Study Essay

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Child Birth: Meghan Sanders
This case study is an interview conducted on January 30, 2016 at 10pm of Meghan Sanders most recent childbirth experience. Meghan Sanders is a 27 year old married Caucasian women who had two live birth. Her occupation is customer service for Vons. Her highest education is a High school diploma (M. Sanders, personal communication, January 30, 2016).
Prenatal Testing
Sanders belief on prenatal testing is that every mother should have the freedom of choice in what care the mother receive. Sanders did ultrasounds and fetal sex determination as her choice of prenatal testing with her pregnancy (M. Sanders, personal communication, January 30, 2016). An ultrasound is usually perform at 7 week in order to find any abnormalities and also for fetal sex deamination to find out the sex of the child (Santrock, 2016). Sanders thoughts some of the various prenatal testing was unnecessary for her pregnancy such as amniocentesis test and fetal MRI unless the child was at extreme danger if not performed. Sanders found it unnecessary for a chorionic Villus sampling to find out if her child had a chromosome deformities. She also opt of taking the maternal blood screening test, because she was not at risk (M. Sanders, personal communication, January 30, 2016). The Amniocentesis test help deal with a pregnancy if a disorder is found. Fetal MRI are used for a detail image of the child and often use for to better detect abnormalities. The chorionic villus sampling is use to find genetic defects. Maternal blood screening test is use to measures the mother blood to find any
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The mother was on a normal diet, but she did drink caffeine will pregnant. She took a low dose of Tylenol, and Peto bismol but she did not drink use alcohol and did not use any recreational drugs (M. Sanders, personal communication, January 30,

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