Things Fall Apart Character Analysis

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Merit is the idea of earning or “being worthy” of something that someone has done for the greater good for themselves. With merit this initials the responsibility, leadership, and possibly even the hardship that comes along with it. We, as a class, have just recently finished reading the novel “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. Achebe takes us through the lives of the Igbo people, but most importantly the life of Okonkwo; the protagonist of the novel who we really come to understand and feel for. We are currently reading “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. As of right now the protagonist is Nick Carraway, and also the narrator. He seemingly takes us through the life of “Jay Gatsby” who we now know as James Gatz, a very wealthy businessman who has a…show more content…
The main character Okonkwo, as we learned, had a father by the name of Unoka. Unoka was not big on the idea of working hard, and doing manual labor. He was known throughout the clan of Umuofia as a “bum” or a “deadbeat”. His “occupation” consisted of borrowing money and playing the flute, which he was very talented at. Though he was skilled in flute playing this did not earn him respect, for it was not considered a manly duty. He put forth a bad image of his family and especially of Okonkwo. In the story Okonkwo has to work extremely hard to get out of the position that his dad left him in. He, Okonkwo, is presented at the beginning of the story as a leader in the village and clan. Very influential and powerful, not only with his respected wealth from farming, but with his physicality as well. He was known as a very good wrestler who had beaten “Amalinze the Cat”, who at that time was the best fighter in the area. This goes to show us that; even if Okonkwo comes from a background that is not the best or one that he would not invision for himself, he could still become and remain successful if he pursued hard work and
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