Disadvantages Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

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Globalisation has some advantages which are as follows: 1. Resources that comes from different countries are used to produce goods and services efficiently 2. Consumers are able to have a large variety of gods to choose from which in turn develops and enhance the profits 3. Companies are able to produce the inputs and output services and goods that are cost competitive. 4. There’s a large variety of investments 5. Consumers get the product they want at more competitive prices. 6. Companies can now gain access to many markets in terms of resources. Cultural diversity Cultural diversity is defined as a large variety of people from different societies, ethnic groupings and races that are found in one society. Ii is somewhere viewed as a way of accepting and appreciating all different people in the workplaces, contains…show more content…
The employees from different cultural groups could now be employed without their culture or rage or even age. The division of labour in workplaces developed rapidly as all employees had the right to apply for any job, without them being discriminated against the factors that were laid by the Employment Equity Act. Social change in the organisation At the past there was no better communication between the master and servant, servants were told how to do tasks and on what time those tasks should be completed. There were new working classes in South Africa whereby employees would be grouped according to how the work in organisations so as to know those who are effective enough. Nowadays there is a better communication between the employer and employee, and there are unions that act on behalf of employees for better working conditions and fair treatment in the
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