Merits And Disadvantages Of Cultural Diversity In The Workplace

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Globalisation has some advantages which are as follows: 1. Resources that comes from different countries are used to produce goods and services efficiently 2. Consumers are able to have a large variety of gods to choose from which in turn develops and enhance the profits 3. Companies are able to produce the inputs and output services and goods that are cost competitive. 4. There’s a large variety of investments 5. Consumers get the product they want at more competitive prices. 6. Companies can now gain access to many markets in terms of resources. Cultural diversity Cultural diversity is defined as a large variety of people from different societies, ethnic groupings and races that are found in one society. Ii is somewhere viewed as a way of accepting and appreciating all different people in the workplaces, contains how the organisation maintain diversity and deals with it in order to keep people at an advantage and the organisation existing over the long term. The organisation is said to be culturally diverse if it contains a lot of people or employees from different groups and societies. Cultural diversity in the workplaces Before getting into details, the following are the benefits of diversity in the workplace and will be discussed: 1. There is an Increased Productivity:  The coming together of different groups, with different ideas generate much for the organisation and enhance the performance and profits 2. Increased creativity and Problem solving in the

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