Meriwether Lewis And Clark Expedition

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In 1803, The United States of America bought the Louisiana Purchase from France. Because of this purchase, the United States doubled the size of the nation. The territory stretched from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River and from the Canadian Border to the Gulf of Mexico. This purchase is considered one of Thomas Jefferson’s greatest achievements as president. Jefferson was excited to learn what this new land held. On February 28, 1803, congress approved the expedition Jefferson had presented. $2,500 was put aside by Congress for the expedition as well. After the expedition was approved, Jefferson assigned Meriwether Lewis to lead the expedition. Lewis chose William Clark to co-lead the expedition with him.
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were told to explore the recently purchased Louisiana Territory. Jefferson told them to gather information on the plants, animals, and geography of the region. They were also told to find a waterway to the Pacific Ocean. When they returned, they would report back on everything they would learn. Lewis and Clark and their team gathered supplies and prepared to begin their journey into the unknown land west of the …show more content…

Once there, Lewis and Clark built a fort, Ft. Clatsop, in modern-day Oregon. They stayed there for the winter, and they didn’t set out on the journey home until March 23, 1806. The journey back was a little different than the first bit of their trek. Lewis and Clark split up to cover and explore more of the territory. They met back up at the Missouri River. Then, they continued the trip home together. Sacagawea left Lewis and Clark when they returned to her tribe. The rest of the travel held trials. They suffered from hunting injuries and attacks from native americans. When they made it back to St. Louis on September 23, 1806. Americans welcomed them home with much

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