Meriwether Lewis: Conspiracy Murder, Suicide Or Murder

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Conspiracy murder, suicide or Murder Meriwether Lewis had people that were jealous of his success and position as governor of Louisiana Territory. He was traveling to Washington to resolve unpaid bills from his governorship and to publish his famous journals. Meriwether’s partner was William Clark. There was also a rumor that he had secret documents that may have implicated others in treason. Meriwether Lewis died at the Grinder’s stand at the age of 35. This question of the cause of his death has been asked for aver 200 years, but it is clear that this is murder by conspiracy. There had been many doctors that saw Lewis after his death to try and figure what happened to him and it has been said in a historical video that the last 4 people to have seen Meriwether said that it was a murder. Based on the physical evidence exhibits, Exhibit two shows Lewis dead in his bed. It was written on the physical evidence that Lewis did not like to be in his bed and preferred to be on his buffalo and bear Robeson the floor, so wouldn’t it, make sense for him to kill himself in a place that he liked .In February of 1845, Priscilla Grinders story was written and what’s bad about it is that she was interviewed multiple times and her story was changed every time in a different way. Could it be…show more content…
Only one of those things has the greatest chance of being a conspiracy murder, and that is the assassination. William Morrow wrote in 1994 that Leon Chandler thought that Lewis was a victim of an assassination conspiracy, and of course it was Jefferson who wanted him dead. Lewis had discovered secrets about Jefferson and Jefferson thought that he would go to Washington and snitch, and Jefferson had a reputation to keep so what better than to kill the man that could ruin your

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