Who Is Meriwether Lewis's Suicide

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Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18, 1774 in IV Virginia. He was in the U.S army, got enlisted, and later was promoted to captain in 1800. In that same year Jefferson became president and a year after Jefferson became president, Lewis became Jefferson’s personal secretary. Lewis was a part of the expedition and the Louisiana Purchase. The purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition is to discover the land of the Louisiana territory and to find a route to the Pacific Ocean. After the expedition Jefferson appointed Lewis to be the governor of Louisiana. Lewis was traveling to Washington to settle financial issues. While Lewis was traveling to Washington he was murdered. Some people claim Lewis’s death was suicide caused by depression. The…show more content…
Robert Grinder was the owner of the inn and he was the person who got a great deal of money after Lewis died, Lewis was known to carry money on him. Pricilla Grinder changed her statement every time she was questioned, that’s a little suspicious. Either she knows what happened or she makes up a different story each time to cover up for someone. The last suspect was James Neely, the man who Lewis was traveling to Washington with. After Lewis’s death, Jefferson received a letter from Neely describing what happened. Stating when he was with Lewis, that Lewis was suicidal, and he committed suicide. Neely stated in an official letter saying he was at the inn after Lewis allegedly committed…show more content…
Lewis couldn’t have taken both the shots himself, it would either leave him incapacitated or he was assassinated purposefully. The medical examiner said since the bullets got lodged into his head he had to be shot from a far distance. Pricilla Grinders statements weren’t adding up, every time she was questioned about what happened that night she had a different story. After Lewis’s death, Pricilla Grinders husband, Robert Grinder had a great amount of money. When Lewis was known to carry money on him. Wilkinson didn’t like Lewis because Jefferson was picking Lewis over him and Jefferson was known for killing people. Wilkinson planned the murder. He faked a note and had Neely sign it, told Mrs. Grinder the plan and told her what to say if she was questioned. Wilkinson had Mr. Grinder take the money so there was no evidence left behind. Lewis was in fact
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