Merlin Entertainments Case Study

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I feel that after my research I can justify that Merlin Entertainments operates by the divisional (diversified) organisational type. I feel this way because the central headquarters of Merlin Entertainments supports a number of different divisions and venues that operate differently and in different locations throughout the world, Merlin have multiple divisions e.g. Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and Madame Tussauds. These operate throughout the world in numerous locations. Merlin Entertainments have a central board of directors who make the decisions that will affect Merlin Entertainments on a wide scale and all of their divisions respectively. These board of directors have the responsibility to make the correct decisions so that Merlin Entertainments…show more content…
Thorpe Park is a resort in the UK. It currently has over 30 rides, attractions and live events. Thorpe Park is located close to Greater London. Thorpe Park’s newest attraction is Derren Brown 's Ghost Train: Rise of The Demon. Thorpe Park has multiple themed areas throughout their attraction. These include Amity, Old Town, The Jungle, Lost City, Swarm Island and Port and Basecamp. These different areas are all in one attraction. Thorpe Park also hosts a hotel named “THORPE SHARK HOTEL”. This is a major advantage to Merlin Entertainments as it can increase their revenues and therefore increase profit levels. Thorpe Park is only exclusively available in on area, the UK, but Merlin Entertainments may be looking for a good opportunity for expansion with Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park is one of the 123 attractions that Merlin Entertainments currently manage in 23 countries throughout the world. A big reason for Merlin’s success is due to their ability to stand out. Often their attractions are very different in comparison to some of Merlin’s competitor’s offerings. This helps make the experience that families can get from Merlin Entertainments more memorable and unique in comparison to other competitors. Everyone knows Merlin Entertainments due to their multiple brand deals as well e.g. Coca Cola London Eye and other promotions with Kellogg’s Cereals. The way Merlin are currently operating it is evident that they are on track on…show more content…
It is renowned in the United Kingdom and is a place where people often go for holidays from Northern Ireland. Thorpe Park’s employees and divisional director’s main aim is to help Merlin Entertainments achieve its vision. Merlin’s main vision is to become the worldwide leader in branded, location-based, family entertainment. Thorpe Park will be set targets and goals from Merlin Entertainments that they are expected to achieve to help Merlin Entertainments come closer to achieving their

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