Mermaid-Personal Narrative

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I tried my best to keep up with the other dancers, but it was tough. I was tired of listening to the same, happy and bubbly song over and over again. I could smell the sweat coming from all the girls around me. We had been dancing for a while tonight and my toes were aching, feeling like needles were poking them. My mind was exhausted and starting to wander; I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that I had made a mistake coming here on a snowy Saturday night in January 2016, when I could be having a fun time with my friends. Earlier in the day, I had my regular dance classes and I planned on spending time with my friends after that, but those plans changed. As I was about ready to leave, my dance teacher and this man I didn’t recognized stopped me to ask a question.
“We need another mermaid for tonight. Are you able to join us?” My dance teacher, Ms. Beth asked. Both my teacher and the man smiled at me.
“It’s really fun! You get to be a mermaid,” the man said. I tried to recognize the man from maybe other dance things I’ve attended, but I’ve never seen this older, short and possible dancer.
I didn’t know what to say. I knew that the workshops and audition had passed already. I had thought about doing it, but decided to not be in it. Some of my friends went to the workshops and I heard it was a valuable experience. My friends are incredible
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I walked to my things and got ready to leave. As I gathered my things and took off my Pointe shoes, I noticed that I felt way better than I did at the beginning of the rehearsal. I wasn’t doing so great with the choreography, but I was having a lot of fun and I knew that doing this would help me a lot. I knew that I would get to spend a lot of time with people have the same interests as me and I would get to improve a lot with dancing. If I hadn’t agreed on being in the ballet, then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to improve and get more
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