Merryweather High School Case Study

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Merryweather High from Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak is a school under poor management. The staff in charge doesn’t care much about the school, its property, or its teachers. Throughout Speak, Merryweather High’s mascot name was changed over five times in one year. At one point, students created a petition that “pleads for consistency, stability” (141). If the staff had a better grip on the school, students wouldn’t have to plead for stability. Inside Merryweather High, a run-down, dilapidated janitor’s closet sits unused and dirty. When discovering this closet, the narrator remarks “no janitor has chilled in this closet for a very long time” because “they have a new lounge and supply room” (26). Instead of repurposing the closet, the school
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