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IV. ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION 4.1. Analysis of Internal Factors of Mersie Internal analysis is conducted to find strengths and weakness of Mersie based on the organizational capability of company / business functions. 4.1.1. ManagerialStructure Figure 1. Mersie’s Managerial Structure This company adopts the functional organizational structure where everyone divided into responsibility according to its primary roles and functions. This organizational structure is commonly used by the start-up company. It is aimed to optimize the potential human resource based on their interest, need, and the responsibility. According to the information from Mr.Sukandar, the director and the owner of Mersie, the share of ownership of Mersie is 100% owned by him.…show more content…
For customers who do not have a design, they will be offered toget their apparel designed by Mersieor handed over to another vendor. The collaboration is the most important thing implemented by convection. When the contract has been signed, Mersie will make a sample of the product, customers will easy to check and re-check the real product from design. Quality control is one of the services provided by Mersie. Quality controlis usually checked by customers itself, and they will revise as soon as possible regarding the due date if any reject is…show more content…
Strategic Focus : Increasing sales by 35 % Quality Excellence : • Applying technology to record their financial analysis and sales forecast • Cooperation with other companies in buying raw material in big quantity for the lesser price. • Utilizing software to arrange rules and order processing. • Share, follow and analyze the trend in garment production and industrial technology. • Choose factory location away from settlements. Employee Engagement : • Hire employees which have experience in garment production • Award / door prizes / incentives for employees • Increase and develop employees skill by regular training sessions • Participating in the job fairs to hire whoever suitable and train them. Customer Centricity : • Utilize software to analyze growth potentials and needed strategy. • Internet marketing through Google and word of mouth strategy. • After sales experience. Continuous Improvements : • Production deadline guarantee. • Offering the special place for clients to give suggestions and complaints (online / offline). • Standard price according to competitors’

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