Merton's Argumentative Analysis

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Leah, Great post! Merton argues that one of the main reasons for high crime rates in America is due to the goal for monetary success and the limitations which hinder individuals from reaching that goal. The deprivation of basic life essentials like skills and values which are needed to succeed in life may cause one to engage in crime (Cullen, Agnew, & Wilcox, 2014, p. 168). According to Merton, when strain is placed on an individual there are five ways in which they may adapt to it (Cullen, Agnew, & Wilcox, 2014, p. 177). Do you think if strain and stresses did not affect individuals while perusing monetary goals, there would still be high rates of crime? Both Merton’s and Messner’s arguments pertaining to crime and social strain does a

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